Special treatment addressing teenage skin , deep cleansing and exfoliation that dissolve keratin build up on the surface, dilating the pores for easier extraction. Heals, calms and helps re-balance sebaceous activity while reducing bacteria and inflammation.
45 min/$55
Refreshing express facial that instantly wakes up the skin.Cleans exfoliate, light massage and masque will awaken our look for that special event
30 min/$55

Elite Rejuvenating Corrective Treatment
Cold Laser Photo Facial combined with Microdermabrasion & AMP MD Roller. These tools come together to enhance skin resurfacing and stimulate cell renewal , boosting the delivery of vitamins, antioxidants and peptides deep within the cellular levels of the skin
75 min/ $90                 3 trts/$250                  6 trts/$450
Vita C Soothing Facial
Tackle redness, rosecea,and sensitivities with high   qualities of Vitamin C, nutrient packed antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that boost skin's ability to fight free radical damage. Deep cleansing and stimulation helps strengthen capillary walls and hydrate while boosting the skin's natural defense 
50 min/$75             
Detoxifying Anti-Acne Facial
Highly stimulating facial that therapeutically flushes the skin of acne causing bacteria . Accelerates healing and regenerate healthy cells while eliminating toxins and normalizing  sebaceous activity promoting a healthy new complexion.
75 min /$90                   3 trts/$250                    6 trts/$450
Refresh 30 ​
Express facial that instantly hydrate and awaken your skin. Steam, exfoliate, light massage and mask will leave your skin with a rested look for that special event
(no extractions)
30 min/ $35​

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Non Invasive,cosmetic procedure,in which dead surface skin is partially or completely removed by light abrasion of crystals allowing a renewal process to take place.
30 min/$55               3 trts/ $150                       6 trts/ $275   
with any facial for added service -$25

Removal of the outermost layer of the skin leaving it smooth,supple and vibrant. Best to treat dull, dry, dehydrated, sun-damaged skin!. It improves lackluster appearance of the skin.
30 min/$55        
with any facial for added service-$25​
Cold Laser Photo Bio Stimulation
Combination of therapeutic light spectrum and infrared rays to deliver therapeutic energy in a synergistic manner. Low Level Lasers penetrate the surface of the skin in the form of non thermal photons of light delivering light to the cell's mitochondria where it converts to energy that will increase cell repair, increase the production of collagen and elastin, decrease bacteria providing an increase of oxygen, while improving skin's tone, texture and health. 
30 min/$75    
(this treatment is cleaning and light only )
​Chemical Peels
Elite Suite offers peeling solutions suitable for all skin types. You may experience some down time with some of our chemical peels. Our Organic are great for resurfacing the skin and can be added to any facial except Acne. Our Organic Peels will effectively resurface the skin with cause heavy peeling.​ Depending on the type of peel will determine the amount of downtime, with higher concentration peeling will occur about 3 day after treatment administered. We also offer peel with minimal and no downtime, as well as fabulous correction action.  Please schedule a consultation to discuss the peel treatment best for your skin and concerns.
30 min/$60

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