Since 1978, Lessie has been helping people discover success and conquer the results they have been trying to achieve when addressing their skin and body care concerns.

For the past years, she has been dedicated to using products that deliver optimum results in minimum time without compromising the integrity of the skin. Products with only the purest , botanical, bio-active cosmesceutical ingredients are used in her treatments and recommended for home regimens.. ​​

Lessie Bohnenstiehl received her cosmetology license in 1978, in 1981 she decided to take her knowledge to concentration on skin and it's health. It was during this time that the skin and it's science became a fascination to her ​​​insights. While concentrating on and practicing skin care, she returned to Tulane College to study the skin and it's science at a deeper level. After taking classes in genetics, mutation, and cellular biology, she discovered that she had found her true passion and understood the skin and how it worked. Recently, she has completed Nutritional Consulting and Aromatherapy Certification, she  is always pursuing knowledge that can be passed on to her clients and peers.  In her career, she has owned and operated several business, mentored, trained aspiring new talent,and helped businesses expand and develop. She is happy and enjoys life and the pleasure it brings. 

"Knowledge is golden, it can be shared but can never be stolen!"​​